About Me

Why am I writing a gardening blog? For me, gardening is much more than a hobby. I have studied ornamental horticulture, and 10 years ago started my landscaping business, DreamWeaver Designs. We've been beautifying landscapes ever since.

My business is a design/install business, working primarily on residential landscapes. We also work on commercial landscapes, incorporating variety and design elements found in residential themes. That, to me, is a breath of fresh air to the often repetitive (and boring) designs I see in commercial landscapes.

I love to work with the homeowners to make their landscape become what they've dreamed it could be. Whether it be low maintenance, or filled with perennials, it's fun to help them achieve the look they desire.

One of my favorite parts of working with homeowners is teaching them what they need to know to maintain their landscape. It's always a joy for me to work with a homeowner who wants to learn more about their plants, and I am eager to share my knowledge with them.

So, I thought I would reach further and write this blog to share my love of gardening with you. I have many garden beds, including perennials and shrubs, and I will highlight them throughout the growing season. I have so many pictures of my flowers that it will be easy to do!

In addition, I'll share my visits to nearby botanical gardens through photographs and text. I also will be writing how-to's for planting and plant care.

If you share a love of gardening, or have a desire to know more about plants and their needs, you've come to the right place! Thanks for visiting!

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